Alternatives for CCleaner

Whether you use Windows, Linux or Mac OS, your computer memory will eventually fill up with unneeded files There exists numerous programs that claim to be experts in the removal of unwanted and leftover files from your computer. The effectiveness of these system cleaners varies as some are restricted for business use. The most commonly used system cleaning program is CCleaner (Review), which is not free. There, however, exist other alternatives to CCleaner. This article provides a review of open source, free and paid alternatives to CCleaner.

Open-Source Solution


BleachBit is a free cache cleaner that also performs the function of a file shredder. The program is designed to find, preview, and delete junk files from your system, programs, and browsers. The file shredder tools delete remnant files of deleted data; therefore, assist in maintaining and protection of privacy.

Using BleachBit is pretty straight forward. The software interface is quite simple. The home window is easy to navigate as programs are listed on the left-hand side of the window. The cleaning process will first require you to launch the program, and select the individual program and then select the various options for the specific program. BleachBit provides a brief explanation of the files selected. Clicking on the Preview button allows you to view the file being deleted as well as the amount of space to be freed. The final step is clicking on the Delete button to remove the junk.
The text-heavy log is however difficult to read making it marginally useful. The log does not allow the exclusion of an operation during the deleting process. The lack of this option results in you having to cancel the whole operation in case you spot a file you don’t want to delete.
The log does not also indicate which drives BleachBit cleaned. While running a test-run with BleachBit, the program managed to free 20 GB space. The software did not, however, give a breakdown of the space freed per dive but only gave a total amount of space freed.

BleachBit is a solid system cleaning software with multiple useful tools for office and home users. Although it does not beat CCleaner, BleachBit is a lean solution for anyone who wants to keep his or her computer always clean.

Monolingual for Mac

Monolingual is small and easy to use program used for removing unnecessary language files. The software frees up disk space by deleting localization files from your Mac computer. Like most people, I bet you use your computer in one language which is English; thus, no need for data to support other languages that you may never use. Monolingual allows you to free up several megabytes that can be used to store audio and video files.
The software runs quickly and offers instructions, making it easy even for novice users to operate. The software takes you through the deletion process and provides troubleshooting information to ensure you do not delete any crucial language. After deleting a language file from your Mac, the only way to reintroduce the localization file is by reinstalling the OS.

Monolingual is only compatible with Mac OS X or higher and is available at no cost. In instances where you may need extra space on your hard disk, Monolingual can be a useful software that will free up several hundred megabytes.

Free Solution

Onyx for Mac

Onyx for Mac, sold by Titanium Software is a free system maintenance program, which provides an automated method of running maintenance scripts, and accessing hidden files; thus, ensuring your Mac runs at top performance. Despite Mac OS being a stable operating system, it is important to run several maintenance processes. Onyx is a perfect third-party software for performing maintenance services for your Mac.

Onyx performs different functions including fixing corrupt Mac OS X installation as well as fixing problems that may occur after updating the OS. The software also prevents and fixes problems that may result in your Mac being slow. The software is designed to run maintenance at different levels. Despite these complex processes, the interface is user-friendly, making it easy even for novice Mac users to operate it with minimal problems.
Launching the program for the first-time results in Onyx running a verification process for the structure of the Mac startup disk, which you have an option of canceling. Onyx is a single window application, with the window containing a toolbar at the top. The main tools include maintenance (used to repair permissions, rebuild databases, and verify startup files), utilities, Automation (allows automatic Mac maintenance), Parameters (allow access to hidden Mac OS X settings), Logs, and Cleaning (used to remove unnecessary files from your Mac).

If you would like to get your Mac to work at optimum performance, Onyx is a useful software to use. Its stability and user-friendly interface, as well as the fact that it is free, makes it a must have system utility for Mac users and a worthy alternative for CCleaner.


The introduction of the internet has greatly benefitted people and businesses, while at the same time exposing these same people to new security threats. Web browsers store personal information including visited websites, which may result in security risks especially if a computer has multiple users. Click&Clean is an innovative program specifically made to protect you from security issues that may arise due to information saved in your browser; thus, making your internet experience a bit secure.

Although web browsers including Chrome have in built features to clean traces of online activity, Click&Clean allows automation of the data deletion process; therefore, saving you the user some time. Using the software is quite straightforward as with only a few clicks, this extension allows automatic deletion of downloaded file lists, browsing history, cookies and cache files. Click&Clean also has a help section that answers any questions that newbies may have regarding the software.

In an age where internet security is a major consideration for anyone using a computer, this handy add-on is a crucial software for anyone using a computer. Its ability to remove malware, and free up valuable disk space coupled with the fact that it is free makes Click&Clean a worthy alternative to CCleaner when it comes to cleaning Junk internet files.


One of the best features of Mac is the easy application installation and uninstallation process. The installation process involves downloading an app from the app store and dropping it in the application folder. The uninstallation process, on the other hand, involves dragging and dropping the file from the applications folder to the trash folder. However, the drag and drop process does not result in total removal of all application files as small files may be left on the drive. AppCleaner is a software that allows you to remove unnecessary software together with their associated files easily.
App cleaner has an easy to use interface. To remove an application, simply drag and drop the unwanted program to the interface windows. This allows the software to track down associated files and list them; thus, allowing quick removal.

AppCleaner offers a streamlined process for removing apps from your Mac. This fast removal of unnecessary files, as well as the fact that it is free, make the software attractive and an earnest substitute to CCleaner especially when it comes to uninstalling applications.

Paid Solution


CleanMyMac is one of the most effective and user-friendly Mac cleaning program in the market out there. The software performs multiple functions including cleaning up your Mac hard drive, maintaining your Mac and Monitoring your Mac’s health. CleanMyMac is a great option for both novice and advanced Mac OS users especially if one does not want to install different apps to maintain your PC.

The core purpose of CleanMyMac is cleaning junk files from your Mac. This cleaning is done using either Smart Cleanup and Deep Cleanup. Smart cleanup involves fast scanning of your Mac to identify files that safe to remove. Deep cleaning allows scanning of six different sub-parts namely: System junk, photo junk, email attachments, iTunes Junk, large files and trash bins. The CleanMyMac cleaning feature allows detection and safe removal of all junk files on your Mac, and if done well, it is possible to free up several gigabytes of storage data.

CleanMyMac also has utilities that help in the maintenance of your Mac. Some of the major utilities include Uninstaller tool, maintenance, privacy, shredder, and extensions.

CleanMyMac allows a trial period before purchasing the software. The demo version however only cleans up 500MB of data. To clean up more storage space, you are required to upgrade the license for one Mac is $39.95. Despite the cost of upgrading, the software is user-friendly, offers live support and is quite effective in cleaning your Mac; thus, a worthy investment.


CCleaner is an effective software for the removal of junk files from your Mac. However, if you are looking for other solutions, there exist worthy alternatives that you can get either for free or by purchasing a software license. Whether you choose a paid for or a free solution, these alternatives will help in cleaning and optimize your Mac performance.

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